Anguilla Data Gateway

Sometimes organisations have very useful data stored away in silos, that few can access. This wastes a valuable resource and makes sharing difficult.

Anguilla Data Gateway
The Anguilla Data Gateway enables Government personnel, external agencies and the public to browse by department, browse the whole catalog and then examine data attributes and then preview in a simple map viewer.

We have been working for the Government of Anguilla for over five years. As a consequence of Environment Systems’ and others’ work in recent years Anguilla now has a wealth of geospatial datasets held as part of government work or set up as part of the Anguilla National Ecosystem Service. Mapped data can be used as important tools for decision makers to better understand where a change in land use in one area might impact a much wider area, and when considering the impact of policy on the Island’s environment. The ability to view and scrutinise spatial data and maps enables developers to site their plans in the best place and to minimise environmental damage such as erosion or beach loss. Maps can also help the public understand more about their island.

Each dataset is accompanied by rich and standardised metadata to ensure a full understanding of the data attributes and appropriate use. A simple map viewer enables users to view the data prior to download.

The Anguilla Data Gateway enables data administrators to upload datasets, edit metadata and control access. It will provide Government personnel, external agencies and the public with a rich vein of data to help in the understanding of the archipelago’s complex and fragile ecosystems and aid in the decision-making process, vitally important in the wake of the damage inflicted in the 2017 hurricane season.