Data Services Update – July 2017

At the time of writing, early July 2017, our open Data Services platform has just received an update. When the portal was originally launched, earlier in the year, there was only a free data option. This enables those who sign up, to view and download free and open composite imagery of Great Britain derived from the Sentinel 1b radar satellite. A user can also view and download time series and feature analysis data based on representative points within the four most recent seasons.

We are now providing a ‘Premium’ service option that builds on our expertise to deliver not only imagery but also change and feature metrics. As a premium user you can select precise areas using the map based tools or upload a shapefile and then select the dates of interest. If you need to be able to track change over time for a particular area or region this is the way to do it.

The Data Services platform also provides access for Enterprise customers. We work with customers to provide consultancy and direct access to the platform’s data processing API. The platform roadmap includes access to Sentinel 2 data, multiple projection support and of course wider coverage. Go there now.

Environment Systems has recently been approved as a G-Cloud 9 supplier, which will make any buying decision for public sector organisations even easier.