Environment Systems Data Services

Our new FREE and OPEN Data Services portal is now live. Here you can sign up and download Sentinel-1 Radar imagery of anywhere in Great Britain, for the four most recent seasons. These are available as open data, and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. We will soon be adding Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to our product offering.

Sentinel -1 Radar imagery can be downloaded for the whole of Great Britain
In addition to being able to access imagery, ‘Time Series’ data based on Eurostat LUCAS point locations provide average data measurements for each of the four seasons, giving you an insight into how the radar response changes over time. In its next iteration, due in Spring 2017, we will be introducing a premium service, which will enable a subscriber to upload their own shapefile or use a polygon tool to select specific areas of interest and then select points in time from which to download imagery from, as well as custom Time Series and Feature Analysis.

This is an exciting development for the company. There will be significant development effort in the coming months as we bring on more data and analysis options and this is just the start. The Sentinel 2b satellite was launched in early March 2017 which further enhances a new era for Open Data and the proliferation in the use of EO in multiple applications.