We provide satellite and drone data to governments, research institutes, growers and industry. Our range of products includes application ready maps to monitor crop performance, estimate production, improve management practices, resource planning and market intelligence as well as metrics for breeding, agchem, phenomics and agronomy trials.


We provide objective repeatable measurements derived from drones for faster, more efficient and more evidence based phenomic, agchem, breeding and agronomy trials. We provide metrics such as vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI), crop height (accurate to within 5cm), crop cover, senescence and weed mapping. Our methods have been developed and validated through collaborations with leading UK research institutes.


  • Repeatable and quantifiable measurements of traits
  • Validated data through field visits including spectrometry
  • Managed service delivers fast cost effective solution
  • Evidence of transparency and efficiency of validation of trials

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Agricultural Business Intelligence

We are specialists in providing timely data analysis to improve crop productivity, estimate yields and manage risk. Business intelligence is derived from optical and radar satellite images at a regional, national and global scale with time series options.


  • Improve production through a better understanding of crop variation
  • Monitor crop growth, health, pest and disease levels
  • Better understand crop activity by quantifying the area of crop in the ground, planted, and harvested on a regular basis
  • Information on volume of production to improve market planning, enabling you to capture more value from your product and reduce supply chain waste
  • Data can be delivered as a direct feed to management systems
  • Piura region, Peru
  • satellite cir
  • field to phone

Drone Data Analysis

If you operate your own drone we can analyse your data. We provide ready to use maps for use in farm management software and mobile applications to help you optimise yields and maximise production.


  • Understand crop variation
  • Monitor plant health and quickly identify areas under stress
  • We can advise you on how to capture good quality data
  • No time or training required to process data
  • No need to buy expensive computer processing power or data analysis software

Data Services Demonstrator

Data Services DemonstratorToday there are many new sources of free and open data that are capable of helping agri-food businesses, corporate growers and supply chain businesses to improve and forecast yields, monitor growth stage and manage risk. The Environment Systems Data Services platform makes it possible to:

  • Monitor crop development
  • Identify crop damage at an early stage and over wide areas
  • Combine the data with models to forecast yield
  • Compare fields over time and across seasons

To demonstrate how it is possible to map, model and monitor a variety of indicators using our Data Services platform, we have introduced our Demonstrator, a site where it is possible to view and interact with examples of what can be achieved. This is a live site which we updating on a regular basis. Try it for yourself here.