Data Services


We offer easy access to free and open data products for download straight to your desktop. The data are regularly updated, thanks to routine availability of satellite imagery which offers data in near real-time. This information is invaluable in many practical environmental and agricultural monitoring applications.

As well as free and open imagery we provide a ‘Premium’ service option that builds on our expertise to deliver not only imagery but also change and feature metrics. An Enterprise option provides full access to our API and many other user defined benefits. Click on the image above to find out more.


Data Products

The free open data option provides access to composite imagery of Great Britain. There is a rolling programme to introduce more areas of the world and we will be making announcements in due course.

The map interface enables a registered user to choose from one of four seasonal time periods, pan and zoom and then select an area of interest for download complete with relevant metadata. The data are downloaded in a format suitable for use in a geographic information system for further analysis.

A user registered to our free open data service can also download a time series and feature analysis data. By upgrading to one of our premium service options a user can subscribe to select and access time series data for any area across Great Britain.

We offer an ‘Enterprise’ service which includes a ‘Data Services API’ and bespoke image processing and analysis options.

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Open Data

The proliferation of open data, including Earth observation imagery from new and existing satellite constellations, is opening up exciting new opportunities in environmental and agricultural applications.

“Open data is publicly available data that can be universally and readily accessed, used, and redistributed free of charge. Open data is released in ways that protect private, personal, or proprietary information. It is structured for usability and computability.” GovLab

The open data contained in our Data Services product offering is released under a Creative Commons licence in support of the open data movement. Find out more about open data.

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Data Sources

The data products we currently offer through our data portal are derived from the Copernicus Programme’s Sentinel 1 satellite and its C-band SAR data sensor.

The two satellite constellation with a 6 day repeat cycle was designed to enable the monitoring and mapping of land surfaces such as forest, water and soil, agriculture and the marine environment and also in support of humanitarian aid in crisis situations.

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