Environment Systems Sponsor and Chair Session in UK Overseas Territory Conservation Conference

Environment Systems has been working with the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) for nearly ten years. These magnificent islands support more biodiversity than the entirety of the UK. The 14 islands lie within three biodiversity hotspots: the Caribbean islands, the Mediterranean basin and the Oceania eco-zone. These areas fall under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the UK although most islands are self-governing. Responsibility for protecting this priceless biodiversity is shared between the UK government and the local government of each territory. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the people of these wonderful islands, helping to map and model habitats, plus the natural capital and ecosystem services to enable a better understanding of their environments to build resilience and indicate where to site nature based solutions as a way to mitigate risk from climate change and the impacts of natural disasters.

Anguilla storm surge
Anguilla with the strength and extent of the storm surge characterised in red. The light blue areas indicate opportunities for mitigation efforts.

We have been members of the Caribbean working group of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum for over five years. The UKOTCF is holding a conference on the 2nd and 3rd March and the 9th and 10th March from 12-7pm, entitled ‘Staying connected for conservation in a changed world.’ Environment Systems are delighted to be sponsoring the event and Dr Katie Medcalf, our Environment Director is chairing Topic group 4 on ‘Coping with recovery after hurricanes and natural disasters by building resilience.’

This event will bring together practitioners, policy makers and government officials from across the territories to share experience, learning and work towards future goals.