Ecosystem Services – Projects and case studies

Environment Systems has developed new methods for modelling and mapping Ecosystem Services at regional and national scales. Here are some of our case studies and projects:
  • Environment Systems was commissioned to use the ‘Norfolk Living Map’ to undertake a county wide ecological connectivity analysis to support future Green Infrastructure policy preparation and habitat restoration efforts. Go to case study
  • Using our SENCE (Spatial Evidence for Natural Capital Evaluation) toolkit for mapping and modelling ecosystem services we produced a series of maps which identifyopportunities to undertake land interventions to improve the water quality of the receiving reservoirs as well as slow the flow of runoff. Go to case study
  • Environment Systems was commissioned by Natural Resources Wales (NRW)to provide an assessment of the fisheries resource in the Dyfi estuary, including its link to estuarine ecosystem functioning. Go to case study
  • The increasing frequency and intensity of storm and flood events, is compromising our ability to identify and determine areas of land in our urban centres, which are suitable for ongoing development. Go to case study
  • On this project for the West of England Nature Partnership we took an Ecosystem Approach using our SENCE tool to create 14 ecosystem services and opportunities maps. Go to case study
  • There is growing evidence of the physical and mental health benefits of green spaces. On this project we produced a map indicating catchment areas applicable to each green space. Go to project
  • Natural capital accounts present the value of the environment in an accounting format that is familiar to business and policy leaders enabling environmental issues to be considered alongside economic effects when gauging the feasibility of actions. Go to project
  • Ecosystem goods and services, derived from biodiversity, are crucial to the economies of the Turks and Caicos Island and the British Virgin Islands, supporting tourism, food provision and providing protection against the effects of extreme weather events. Go to project
  • Environment Systems carried out a modelling exercise to assess the vulnerability of five UK Overseas Territories (OTs) in the Caribbean to storm surge and flooding events and their impact on infrastructure and human life. Go to project
  • In Wales using a wide variety of data sets we delivered detailed maps and technical insight into six areas with five different policy themes – Woodland Planting, Natural Flood Management (NFM), Enhancing Ecological Resilience, Urban and Peri-Urban Green Infrastructure, Coastal and Inland Water Quality. Go to project
  • This project was commissioned by JNCC to carry out a National Ecosystem Assessment of Montserrat using our Earth Observation based mapping and Caribbean ecosystem expertise. Go to project
  • Modelling exposure to show environmental stress for Wales was part of the wider SaFAS (Spatial Analysis for Area Statements) project for Natural Resources Wales, which set a framework for modelling ecosystem services for area statements. Go to project
  • This project commissioned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service set out to establish a framework for a National Ecosystem Assessment for Ireland. Go to project
  • SoNaRR (State of Natural Resources Report) aims to be the first country-wide assessment of the health and resilience of ecosystems and the first assessment of the extent to which Wales is sustainably managing its natural resources. Go to project
  • Ecopotential is a four-year Horizon 2020 project funded by the EU. The project consortium comprises 47 European and international partners spanning research institutes, universities, national and European space agencies, international bodies and SME’s. Go to project