Monitoring – Projects and case studies

Monitoring is an important part of assessing the effectiveness of any land management intervention or policy objective. Environment Systems has helped design and implement a wide range of informative, successful monitoring programmes. Here are a few:
  • Environment Systems was commissioned by ECUS Ltd. on behalf of Wealdon District Council to create a detailed habitat map of the Ashdown Forest Special Area of Conservation and Special Protection Areas. Go to the case study
  • Environment Systems, working with the University of Gloucester and the Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI), was commissioned to design and implement a programme of monitoring for the sustainable management scheme for the Gwent Levels. Go to the project
  • Working as part of a consortium with CCRI (Countryside and Community Research Institute) and LUC, an environmental consultancy we won three agri-environment monitoring and evaluation projects under the Defra/Natural England ESME framework. Go to the project
  • In 2012 we became a preferred supplier of ecological mapping for coastal monitoring frameworks in England. Go to the project
  • Another coastal monitoring project this one is in the north east. Go to the project
  • Monitoring change is important for many reasons, and for those working in planning, development and environmental management it can be crucial in ensuring that the characteristics of an area are maintained or enhanced. This project focused on the Dorset AONB. Go to the project