Natural Capital

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SENCE (Spatial Evidence for Natural Capital Evaluation) is the market leading natural capital tool designed by Environment Systems which provides place-based information on natural capital.

SENCE delivers insight and evidence about the complete potential of your land. With over 50 projects completed worldwide SENCE has:

  • Identified solutions that make space for nature and agriculture to thrive in harmony
  • Influenced policy development from local/municipal to country scale to enhance the resilience of the land
  • Highlighted risks and areas for mitigation across multiple habitats and enabled stakeholders to create nature based solutions
  • Enabled farmers to collaborate to maximise the benefits of land management
  • Provided baseline habitat and ecological connectivity maps for areas as diverse as Norfolk to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia
  • Worked at a local scale in cities such as Bristol and Neath Port Talbot to identify:
    • Opportunities for tree planting to mitigate, air and noise pollutants
    • Provide deprived communities access to greenspaces

How does it work?

SENCE provides scientifically robust evidence to show:

  • Where the environment is working well
    This might be where an area of woodland is helping to prevent soil erosion, slowing rainfall and helping to reduce flood risk and storing carbon whilst contributing to landscape character.
  • How we can use the environment to avoid serious issues
    SENCE shows where there are risks to land, for example, by identifying which land which is particularly susceptible to soil erosion, flooding or coastal retreat.
  • Where the best places are to site new activities and developments
    It is often helpful to local stakeholders to understand where some of these key risks occur on the ground in order to actively engage them in designing appropriate solutions such as planting schemes.

SENCE identifies where there are opportunities to enhance natural capital in the landscape, including in urban areas. Several activities based on SENCE have guided tree planting schemes, the creation of community woodlands and wildflower borders; such action increases carbon storage, reduces flood risk, stops water pollution and increases biodiversity.

“Where there’s greater biodiversity there is greater balance, and a higher chance of a successful outcome”

Data DashboardsWhat do you get from SENCE?

SENCE is provided as a series of maps and statistics which can be delivered on an interactive dashboard. The maps use existing data and satellite imagery to provide an up to date status of habitats and land use. They also show where to take action to deliver multiple natural capital benefits. Guidance documents on the advantages of different land management actions can also be supplied. SENCE works at a range of scales from ‘Estate SENCE’ through to ‘Country SENCE’ and is suitable for:

  • Policy makers
  • Estate owners
  • Land managers
  • Local authorities and municipalities
  • Water companies
  • Conservation agencies and nature based solutions specialists
  • NGOs
  • Community groups
  • Agricultural supply chain managers and sustainability specialists

Key Features

  • Utilises the latest satellite Earth observation data, analytics and modelling
  • Builds on existing data and enables the incorporation of ground based data
  • SENCE habitat and opportunity layers can be viewed, analysed, printed, and shared either on an interactive web tool or on your own GIS system
  • All products are sharable, including interactive mapping via screen sharing, PDFs with maps and statistics
  • satellite
  • ecosystems
  • Colombia Dashboard


  • Quantification of natural capital for benchmarking and identifying the opportunities for further developing natural capital, including storage values for carbon and sequestration potential
  • Provides opportunity mapping together with the biodiversity information you need to help you site and benefit from enhancing your biodiversity
  • Provision of a framework for routine monitoring of natural capital assets
  • SENCE delivers consistent, transparent analysis backed by world class independent research and 8+ years of operational experience